Wednesday, April 4, 2012

College Style:HOT DAYS.. Featuring Nike Shorts

I don't know about where you guys go to College or live but the weather has heated up. It has been so HOT! I go to school Monday-Thursday & on those Super HOT days I want to wear as little clothing as possible. I typically wear sundresses & rompers to classes. I have so many in fun bright colorful prints. They are easy to just throw on & you look great. However, lately I have been grabbing for something a little different. That's my Nike shorts! I seriously have these in so many fun colors and I think they are adorable. AND COMFORTABLE!!!! No one likes sitting in class.. Hell I HATE going to class when it's nice outside.. But I go! haha. But I just want to be comfortable. I can just throw a pair of these babies on & go! My collection just keeps getting larger & larger. They range around $28 a pair and I personally think they are a must have!! In summer school i'll more than likely be sporting a different color every day! They keep me cool while still looking cute. They come in every color on the planet! I just wear tee-shirts with them and flip flops. When I work out I wear sneakers of coarse. But I just wanted to do this post because I mentioned I'm loving Nike shorts in my new video I just posted on YouTube called March favorites 2012. Do you guys have any Nike Athletic shorts and if so how many different colors? I bet i'm not the only one who has a large collection that keeps on growing! Hope your enjoying your day where ever you are in the world. All this HOT SUMMER talk has made me want a popsicle! Another Favorite of mine :)



  1. I'm a college kid and I know exactly what your talking about. I have many pairs and while shopping today I found out that Marshalls has them! A found many pair that were originally 35 dollars but marked down to 14.99!

    1. Dang!! That's such a great deal! I'm going to go check out mine & see if I can get that lucky :)