Friday, May 28, 2010


Hey Lovies!!!! So Im on my mini vacation from college. But start Summer classes soon.. But Ive been shopping a lot! Im loving
*Rompers** Soo Freakn Adorable!!!!!!! LOVE THEM!!!
* Cute Cotton Shorts from Abercrombie & fitch! Perfect for Summer!!!!
* Wedges!!!!! I Love them to DEATH!!!!!!!!
* Buxom Lips!!!!! Amazing lip Plumper!!!! LOVELOVE LOVE IT!!!!
* Bright Neon Nails!!!!!! Makes yoir Tan Enhanced by 100000x's!!!
**Flowey Tops that hand over your shoulder!!! Soo in right now too!!
**Crest WhiteStrips!!! Gota keep those teeth White!! :)
*Peachy/Coral color EVERYTHING!!! Love this color!! IT LOOKS AMAZING ON EVERYONE!
**Express Dresses!!! Check them out!!!!!

It's been a great month! Beautiful Weather! Couldn't be happier! I've met some awsome girls on YouTube & am so glad!