Saturday, July 30, 2011


Hey girls. I'm sorry I've been MIA from the Blogging & YouTube world. I just finished summer school & now have been shopping like a mad woman trying to get ready to move to my new city in August. I have been buying things for my new apartment. Everything from Bedding, Bedroom Decor, Shower curtain, bath accessories, living room wall decor.. And of coarse makeup,clothes, shoes & accessories.. It's been crazy. I will have to do like a bunch of separate hauls when I get some time to sit down & film. I seriously can't believe summer is almost over. It seems like it just flew by. But any-who :) I ran out of my current foundation last week. I loved it, but I wanted to try another brand. That was my New Years resolution to myself.

"To Not Get Stuck In A Rut & Try Other Brands" Basically branch out..I never stick to my New Years resolutions but I am this year! I recently purchased the Soleil Tan De Chanel bronzer & it's in my HOLY GRAIL products now! I thought why not try one of their foundations.. I purchased the Pro Lumiere foundation. I can't even begin to tell you how

disappointed I was with this product. First off it was not cheap, and as soon as I walked outside it was seriously melting off my face.. EWWW!!! It also looked splotchy & the formulation was just weird. I have oily skin, and I felt like this didn't do anything for my combination skin type at all. The only good thing about this foundation is the cute packaging, which i'm a sucker for by the way.. And the scent of this foundation. It smells glamourous haha. It really does. I know many rave & rave about this foundation but for my oily skin it was awful. But Needless to say It's going back and i'm on the search once again for a new foundation. But if any of you have a recommendations please send them my way. In the picture i'm wearing Lancome Tint Idole foundation which I LOVE. It's light, airy, & perfect for summer time. It's in my top 10 Fav's for sure. Hope everyones having a great Saturday!


Monday, July 18, 2011

My New Curling Iron

Hey girls! I have been obsessed with my new curling iron. I received it on Friday and have fallen in love with it. I was sent to me from I got the BARBAR 1200 Tourmaline Curling Iron, 3/4". It comes in other sizes too. This one is perfect for my hair. Tourmaline is a healing crystal that blocks radiation. I love the grip handle too. It soft and doesn't make your hands get all cramped like other irons I have used in the past. I also love the touch of red it has too. It makes it looks sleek yet girly at the same time. The team over at is giving all my subscribers, followers and friends a promo code! Isn't that so nice? Use code: blog50 and receive a 50% discount off ANY purchase made from Valid until the end of the year!! It's such a great hair styling tool and the curls look fantastic. You can check out the iron I have HERE

Hope you guys are having a great Monday! I'm so excited for Secret Life tonight and Switched at Birth.. Such great shows by the way!!! :)


Sunday, July 17, 2011

(Contest Closed) & Winners

Hey girls. I couldn't use like I usually do for contest this time. I felt bad because I had received messages & comments from so many saying they didn't have a blog or know how to create one. Some even made one & couldn't figure out how to leave their comment on my blog. Needless to say I had to sit down with my friend SerenaStar1022 on YouTube AKA: Cristina and we got out a pen & paper and wrote down all the entries from my Blog and comments that were written on videos and messages I received as other entries. We did it the old fashioned way... We put all the names into a shoe box & we had Cristina's boyfriend randomly draw two names out of it.

Prize #1 goes to Kirsty Konczal PS: We literally were sitting down trying to figure out how to pronounce your last name. It's very unique :)

Prize #2 goes to Beer Budget Fashionista .

Congratulations girls. Message me your shipping information & I can get those out to you ASAP.

FYI: I plan on having more fun contest like this soon. If you guys have any fun giveaway ideas throw them my way. :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My New Nike Lunarfly's & Bedazzled Toes

I know feet aren't typically the most beautiful things on the planet.. But This past weekend in Palm Beach I had an amazing pedicure. I typically do the french manicure on my toes. I know some think it's gross, but I happen to find it fabulous. However, I felt like I wanted to try something different. I really fell in love with this baby blue color which is perfect for Summer time. But I also wanted some sort of design to make it pop even more. My feet look so GLAMOROUS. I honestly can't stop staring at them.I added this awesome jewel to make them even more GLAMOROUS!

I also went in Sports Authority (Which I LOVE) to get some tennis balls. I walked right by the shoe department & saw these babies. Let me just say "IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT." I have been needing some new kicks for running. I have like 6 pairs of Nike shocks, but they are not good running shoes at all. These are called the Nike Lunarfly and they are so comfortable. They are sold out online at Nike but I found them on Zappos HERE They come in so many different colors, but this color SCREAMS CANDACE!

Hope everyone is having a great day!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Favorite Brushes For Applying Cream Bronzers & Cream Blushes

Hey pretty girls! These past few months I have converted myself from powder blushes & powder bronzers to cream blushes & cream bronzers. I never thought I would like cream products, but boy was I wrong. They are so easy to apply and look incredible. You end up with a much more flawless finish using cream products. I have a ton of makeup brushes, but my favorite ones for applying cream products is the Sigma Angles Top Kabuki. It's the F84 and it's from the Sigmax Collection. As you can see it has the perfect angle, which is ideal for creating those high cheekbones that most girls love. I use the brush to apply my cream blushes. It's very easy to clean and I have had 0 problems with fallout. It's been the best purchase I have ever made. You can get this little guy at Sigma HERE.

Now I have been obsessed with these two BH Cosmetics brushes. They are a powder & blush brush. BH Cosmetics was so generous & sent me the 10 piece deluxe set. These two brushes are simply amazing. They are so dense, light and airy. I use these brushes when applying my cream bronzers like my Soleil tan de Chanel. Out of all my brushes these two BH Cosmetics ones are my ultimate favorite. Again, I had no problems with fallout and they are super easy to clean. Unfortunately, these two brushes aren't available for individual purchase. But you can get the whole set HERE. They are having a special right now too. Instead of $39.95.. It's $29.96. If you want me to do a tutorial on how I apply cream blushes & bronzers using these brushes let me know. They honestly make doing your makeup more fun. Having great brushes really can change the whole look of your makeup, and it just makes you feel great!

Hope your enjoying your Tuesday! Whose Excited for Pretty Little Liars tonight? I am :)


Saturday, July 9, 2011

My new Tory Burch & Palm Beach Getaway

It's been a stressful week. If you are subscribed to be on YouTube you will know why! But i'm not going to get into all that. I needed to get away & clear my head. My friend Chelsea decided we needed to get away & go stay at her parents vacation condo in Palm Beach, Florida. We walked into Nordstroms & Palm Beach has the BEST Nordstroms EVER! I saw this beautiful Tory Burch bag & instantly fell in LOVE! I felt like after my crazy week that I deserved it. Isn't it fabulous? I went with a light tan because it will match everything & be a perfect addition to my fall collection. I also picked up the cutest little cardigan from Nordstroms. It's bp and I simply love that brand. I'll do an OOTD picture of what it looks like on soon. I included some pictures that I took at Chelsea's parents vacation condo. It's so beautiful here. I can't believe i'm moving from Florida in the fall for college. Leaving all my family & friends will be so hard. But I just wanted to do a quick post showing you guys my new baby and the spectacular views i'm looking at right now! I hope you are having a great weekend too!


Friday, July 8, 2011

Sedona Lace 12 Piece Brush Set Review

Hey girls! Last week I won a contest that @ Sedona Lace was having. I won the 12 piece professional makeup brush set, and choose it in pink. I have been wanting to try these brushes out forever, but i'm a broke college student and You know how that goes! But I am so happy with the quality of these brushes. First off the pink set is gorgeous and has a really pretty glossy color pink to it. I washed all the brushes with my brush cleaner which you can buy HERE
There was a bit of shedding, but that's always normal at first. I have been using them constantly & am kicking myself for not ordering them sooner. I have many makeup brushes and love when I find brushes that work so well. Especially when the PRICE IS RIGHT! The Sedona Lace brush sets cost $59.95 and they come in classic black or baby pink. I took some pictures, so you guys can see them. It came packaged so well. It also includes a pamphlet that gives you instructions on how to care for your brushes, and information on what each brush is used for. I think that's so helpful for beginners. The brush roll is very durable and it's very similar to Sigmas. I have been a lover of Sigma brushes for the past two years now. However with that said.. In my honest opinion if I needed a new set of brushes and was torn between the two companies.. I would go with Sedona lace. My reason for that is because the brushes are almost identical, and you get that same result. Sigma brush roll is $99.00 and Sedona Lace sells theirs for $59.95. I'm all about getting great quality makeup items and I feel with Sedona lace i'm not only getting a good deal, but i'm also getting great brushes too. It's a win win for me. You guys should check out Sedona lace on twitter. They have contest running all the time. If I can win so can you!!!! :) If you have tried Sedona lace let me know what you think about their brushes! I hope you guys have a great weekend.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Your Next Laptop Should Be: An Apple Macbook Pro

Hey Gorgeous girls! I felt like I had to do a post on buying laptops. The fall is right around the corner.. YAY! Can't wait. Fall is my favorite season! But many like me are starting back up college, high school or maybe a new job. All through high school I had Dell and HP Laptops. I constantly had problems with getting viruses and it would take forever to load a page on the internet. It was aggravating using my laptop. Needless to say I'm not a fan of PC"S at ALL! My next store neighbor is an avid believe in Apple. I love Apple too. The Apple products that I personally own are the IPOD Classic, IPOD Shuffle, IPOD NANO, IPHONE3G, IPHONE4 and a IPOD Touch. I have never had an issue with any of my apple products. He urged me to get a MacBook Pro for college. I weighed the pro's and cons and researched it all over the internet. I have to say it has been the BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT I HAVE EVER RECEIVED! I thought it would be hard going from a PC to a MAC. I was so wrong. It took me a day to learn this operating system. I have never had any issues at all with it yet. (Knock on Wood) But many of my friends have Mac's and they LOVE theirs too. I know they are not the cheapest laptops, but they last and they are worth every penny. Save your Pennies ladies! This laptop will not disappoint you at all. I even added this adorable pink case on mine to protect the aluminum. You can check the case out HERE. It comes in so many different colors and protects your laptop. Of coarse I choose Pink.. It's my signature color! I just am so happy to have a laptop that doesn't constantly break down and needs to be fixed. My Macbook pro is reliable and never lets me down. I honestly will never buy another laptop that isn't Apple. I wish someone would have urged me to go with Apple a long time ago. I have gone through so many PC's and wasted a lot of money with purchasing them and having the fixed. Apple all the way! Oh and good news too. If your a college student and buy a Macbook from the Apple store. You get a $100 gift card to the APP Store! That's pretty awesome! Do any of you have or have had Apple Laptops? I always love hearing what you guys think. Hope wherever you are in the world right now that your smiling.. and enjoying your life! It's so precious!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Casey Anthony: Verdict's In: "NOT GUILTY"

Living in Orlando, Florida I have been watching this case from DAY 1. This case has went GLOBAL and has touched the lives of so many. We all want to know what happened to Little Caylee Anthony? We still don't know and sadly probably never will. We are all going to have our different views about what actually happened or if she did in fact murder her daughter Caylee. The prosecution had nothing but "CIRCUMSTANTIAL" evidence from the get go. Although, Casey's actions such as going 31 days without reporting your child is missing, Out partying and having a good time and telling one lie after another doesn't look good. However with that said that is not a reason to convict someone for murder. The jury made their decision (NOT GUILTY) because of the lack of evidence. Putting our differences aside Casey Marie Anthony is about to be a FREE woman. If she is in fact guilty she will be the one answering to GOD the day she arrives at his gates. The question I have now is where will Casey Anthony go now? Back home to her parents with her father George who she claimed molested her? Living in Orlando you hear rumors.. I heard that she will be going to stay with one of her lawyers while she figures out what to do from here.

She doesn't have the biggest fans around here in Orlando, Florida, and since this case has gone global I don't think she has many fans anywhere. Everyone knows her face. The verdict was just announced five hours ago.. And driving down the road an hour ago I saw about 15 Billboards in Orlando on I4 saying CASEY ANTHONY: NOT GUILTY already! That's crazy in that short amount of time. I know that Caylee is in heaven, and although she died to soon she is in a much better place. R.I.P. Caylee and Have a happy life Casey. I hope you have the time of your life if your truly innocent. We the people will never know the complete truth. Unless, Casey sells her story which would anyone even believe a word of it?