Friday, July 8, 2011

Sedona Lace 12 Piece Brush Set Review

Hey girls! Last week I won a contest that @ Sedona Lace was having. I won the 12 piece professional makeup brush set, and choose it in pink. I have been wanting to try these brushes out forever, but i'm a broke college student and You know how that goes! But I am so happy with the quality of these brushes. First off the pink set is gorgeous and has a really pretty glossy color pink to it. I washed all the brushes with my brush cleaner which you can buy HERE
There was a bit of shedding, but that's always normal at first. I have been using them constantly & am kicking myself for not ordering them sooner. I have many makeup brushes and love when I find brushes that work so well. Especially when the PRICE IS RIGHT! The Sedona Lace brush sets cost $59.95 and they come in classic black or baby pink. I took some pictures, so you guys can see them. It came packaged so well. It also includes a pamphlet that gives you instructions on how to care for your brushes, and information on what each brush is used for. I think that's so helpful for beginners. The brush roll is very durable and it's very similar to Sigmas. I have been a lover of Sigma brushes for the past two years now. However with that said.. In my honest opinion if I needed a new set of brushes and was torn between the two companies.. I would go with Sedona lace. My reason for that is because the brushes are almost identical, and you get that same result. Sigma brush roll is $99.00 and Sedona Lace sells theirs for $59.95. I'm all about getting great quality makeup items and I feel with Sedona lace i'm not only getting a good deal, but i'm also getting great brushes too. It's a win win for me. You guys should check out Sedona lace on twitter. They have contest running all the time. If I can win so can you!!!! :) If you have tried Sedona lace let me know what you think about their brushes! I hope you guys have a great weekend.


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  1. congratulations dear ;D

    yaa, sedona lace have a great quality with affordable price ;)