Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Blind Date & Is it time to move on?

~My Blind Date~

I don't know how, but I let my friends set me up on a blind date. I have never had a blind date before. I have seen it on that show "Blind Date" and it always ended badly. He picked me up, and he was very good-looking. He took me to a really nice Italian restaurant. I was myself, and we had many great conversations. Needless to say we hit it off. At dinner we both thought it be so funny to play a prank on our mutual friend who set us up. So I texted her and said that I had been in the bathroom for the past 20 minutes. Told her the date was going awful. He did the same to her only me. She was freaking out. haha it was hilarious. I wish I could have seen her face through the phone. "Priceless." After dinner we drove to her house. He walked in alone, and made it very believable. Six or seven minutes laster i walked in, and we told her she just got "PUNKED" lol.. I wish you could have seen her face. But that night when he dropped me off, he walked me to my door. NO KISS.. No kisses on first dates... That night he texted me..

He said "Thanks for going out with me tonight!!! I had a good time! I'm sure you know this, but you are so BEAUTIFUL!! Your pretty eyes, your beautiful face, your amazing body and your cute laugh...not sure I could get enough of you. I'm glad we met."

I thought that was so sweet. He's typically not what I usually go for. I usually go for the blonde hair blue eyed boys. He is tan, dark hair, and dark eyes. I'm still not sure if I am ready to get serious. I plan on taking things slowly, and seeing where it goes. I guess it's hard. I'm still in love with my ex. Who doesn't want me to move on, and keeps texting me all these sweet text messages too. It's almost impossible to move on. Can any of you relate to this? Any advice you have would be amazing!

And this is random.. But i'm obsessed with my new Disney Couture Cinderella rings.. Hints why I posted a Picture of them! :)

Hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween. Can't believe tomorrow is November 1st. I leave for vacation November 2nd.. YAY!! Can hardly wait!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


CANCER: It has been a crazy couple of months. I go back in December to my Doctor to get checked again. To make sure that he got everything. I hope & pray that he did. It's been hard time. But I wanted to let all of you know something. I have received so many uplifting emails, and it has really touched me. I know we don't know each-other personally, but we watch each others videos. In a way, we feel like we do. It has really meant a lot to me.
College LIFE: School has been so stressful. My classes are super hard. I just keep telling myself that it will all be worth it in the long run. But I guess it it were easy everyone would go to college. I was thinking about filming a video about college fashion. Interviewing friends & girls all over campus and filming their styles as far as what they wear on campus. You will have to let me know your thoughts on that.

VACATION: I am so excited. I am going on vacation next week to San Francisco. I have never been there, and can't wait. I love exploring new places & meeting new people I am planning on filming "A HONEY POT" every day i'm there. What's a HONEY POT? "A Day In The Life Of Candace". I thought it be fun to take you all along with me.