Monday, October 31, 2011

Kim K is only human & Who are we to judge?

All I have been hearing today is people talking about how Kim filed for divorce from Kris today. Every comment on Blogs and Videos are rude, cruel, and unnecessary. What people need to understand is we don't know their relationship or what went on. They are also only human like everyone else on the planet. Sure they may have a little more change in their piggy banks than us, but they are still human beings and have feelings. I swear every comment on blogs I saw were saying things like

*I'm happy that B**** is getting a divorce
*Money can't buy you everything Kim
*I didn't think it would last 2 days
*She's to short, thats why she is getting a divorced
*She did it for fame
*She should of spent that money on charities instead
*Kris is to good for her

Seriously it just goes on and on.. It's kinda sad that with all that is going on in the world that people are so worried about their marriage ending. It's sad and i'm sure it's very painful for both of them. But who are we to judge? We don't know anything. They are people and it's so rude how people can be. The comments to me show nothing but jealously and hatred towards her success. Whether or not your a Kardashian fan you can't argue that they are successful. And most of the haters that leave those nasty comments more than likely watch the show. Every time they watch an episode that money goes into their pocket.

My point on posting this blog is to point out that instead of spreading negativity and pulling people down... We should be compassionate and understanding. Not judge!! We are all only human and none of us are perfect.

I wish nothing but the best for Kim and Kris and hope they both find happiness!