Saturday, September 24, 2011

Perfectly Pink Rain Boots & HAPPY FALL

Fall has officially arrived. This past Friday was the kickoff. Depending on where you live it can still feel like summer. I just moved from Florida for college and it's currently in the mid 90's there. Where I live now it's been in the 50's and 60's. It's seriously such a nice change from the heat!! My college campus is huge and it's been raining a lot lately. I need to invest in a pair of rain boots. In Florida we don't typically wear these at all. Were more of flip flop people haha. But now that i'm living in a completely different climate I think I need to get a pair ASAP. I've found a few pair that I absolutely adore. I posted pictures as always. I'm such a visual person and I wanted to ladies to see them too. Their are not to many pink choices of rain boots on the market right now. But these are the ones that I did find. They are all cute and affordable. Have any of you purchased a new pair of rain boots lately? Or seen any cute ones anywhere? I'm so torn between these three.. DEcisions DEcisions :)

Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday. I'm currently snacking in front of the TV watching college football. LOVE ME SOME FOOTBALL!!! WAR EAGLE :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hello Lovers:My Shoe Heaven

I've been living in my new city for college for about a two weeks. I didn't pack all my shoes because I didn't know if I would have the space to fit them all. But man did I luck out in my new apartment. I have tons of space!

So, I flew all the way home for the labor day holiday weekend & decided I had to take some of these babies back with me.

I took a picture so you guys could see. I am obsessed with shoes. But I'm a girl and I change my outfit all the time, and need lots of shoe selections. Let me know if you guys want to see a shoe collection video or blog post?!?!

Are any of you obsessed with shoes or have you purchased a new pair that your obsessed with?



One of my best friends Chelsea (THE ONE IN THE MIDDLE) just started at Auburn University. I'm the creative one who is constantly keeping up with trends in our group. She asked me if I would decorate her living room and make it sophisticated, yet still have that feminine touch at the same time. I was delighted. I shopped all day on a Friday for decor and supplies, and Saturday and Sunday I was a busy little Bee :)

The total cost to do the entire living room was $150

I shopped at Target, TJ Max, World Market, Marshalls, Pier One Imports and Home Depot for Paint.

DIY: projects are so much fun. I watch HGTV 24-7 and it gives me so many ideas for inspiration. I took a final picture of Chelsea's living room. She lives in an apartment off of campus. She can paint the walls as long as she paints it back to white when she moves out. But if your living far away from home while your in college like Chelsea and I you want your place to feel like home.

Chelsea was really happy with her living room, and I was thrilled.

My biggest tip for when your designing for others: Really sit down with them and try to in- vision what they are looking for as far as style, texture and color. You want the room to reflect their personality and include those elements in your design selections.

Have any of you decorated a space for a relative, friend or even client? I'm currently help decorate a few of my roommates rooms. I will do a video and take some pictures when the masterpiece is done :)

Have a great weekend