Monday, December 19, 2011

Dear Santa.. My 2011 Christmas List

1. I want Zac Efron Wrapped in a huge box and placed under my tree! I know this is probably a long shot, but he is just PERFECT and YUMMY! HeHe

2. Large TV

3. Charming Pink Chair

4. Bare Minerals Palette. New & want to try these babies so bad! Have heard wonderful things about these.

5. New Iphone 4S in White

6. Victoria Secret Yoga pants. I'm obsessed with these. It's the best thing for me to wear to class and even though your wearing sweats you still look adorable!

7. I have always LOVED Ugg Australia boots. I will spend the money on them because they are so comfortable and warm. I have fallen in love with this new style. The "Channing" and I want these in my life ASAP. I like the fact that they are much more fancier than the traditional Uggs. These are around$300 & a great investment in my opinion. Boots will last a life time if you take care of them. These even say Ugg on them :) You can't put a price on comfort!

8. YSL Lipsticks. I have wanted to try these forever. The packaging is gorgeous! Enough said.

9. I want this Coach bag in Tan. It's called the Madison Leather Lindsey Satchel. It's around $400 but isn't she beautiful! That wasn't a question! It's a FACT!!

10. Anything from Victoria Secret Pink. I am in LOVE with this store! It's like all I want to wear to college classes early in the AM. So comfortable and adorable

11. The new Victoria Secret Angel Perfume is AMAZING!! I sprayed it on while shopping, and WOW!!! I could not get enough of it!! Go smell this & you will understand!! Plus the bottle is beautiful!

12. I want a rose gold Michael Kors watch!

13. Last but not least an IPAD2. I don't need one, but I just want one. They are so pretty and it would look great in my hands.. hehe.

Thats pretty much all I would like for Christmas this year from Santa. Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!