Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pictures Of Me!

April 2010

Hey guys! So This month has been super Crazy!! This college semester is all most over! thank goodness too!!!! School is def kicking my Butt :)....

Just a few things about me:

What I am Loving: Abercrombie& Hollister jean shorts & Jean skirts, McDonalds Sweet Tea, Crazy Bright Nail Polish, Being TAN, GHD Flat Iron, Cute Wedges or heels, Nude Glimmer Lip Gloss, Little Cute Sundresses, & Poppy Coach Bags, and Cute Crops!!!!

Things I'm not so crazy about: OVERALLS, WAllmart because the bright lights give me a headage and the workers are always rude.. I'm a TARGET GIRL FOR SURE!!

I'm Loving life Right now!!
Dating a new Guy: Drew.. So far things are great.. He hates that I BLOGG.. but I already told him.. Don't make me choose.. Because I'll choose Blogging :)