Saturday, April 10, 2010

April 2010

Hey guys! So This month has been super Crazy!! This college semester is all most over! thank goodness too!!!! School is def kicking my Butt :)....

Just a few things about me:

What I am Loving: Abercrombie& Hollister jean shorts & Jean skirts, McDonalds Sweet Tea, Crazy Bright Nail Polish, Being TAN, GHD Flat Iron, Cute Wedges or heels, Nude Glimmer Lip Gloss, Little Cute Sundresses, & Poppy Coach Bags, and Cute Crops!!!!

Things I'm not so crazy about: OVERALLS, WAllmart because the bright lights give me a headage and the workers are always rude.. I'm a TARGET GIRL FOR SURE!!

I'm Loving life Right now!!
Dating a new Guy: Drew.. So far things are great.. He hates that I BLOGG.. but I already told him.. Don't make me choose.. Because I'll choose Blogging :)

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