Saturday, September 24, 2011

Perfectly Pink Rain Boots & HAPPY FALL

Fall has officially arrived. This past Friday was the kickoff. Depending on where you live it can still feel like summer. I just moved from Florida for college and it's currently in the mid 90's there. Where I live now it's been in the 50's and 60's. It's seriously such a nice change from the heat!! My college campus is huge and it's been raining a lot lately. I need to invest in a pair of rain boots. In Florida we don't typically wear these at all. Were more of flip flop people haha. But now that i'm living in a completely different climate I think I need to get a pair ASAP. I've found a few pair that I absolutely adore. I posted pictures as always. I'm such a visual person and I wanted to ladies to see them too. Their are not to many pink choices of rain boots on the market right now. But these are the ones that I did find. They are all cute and affordable. Have any of you purchased a new pair of rain boots lately? Or seen any cute ones anywhere? I'm so torn between these three.. DEcisions DEcisions :)

Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday. I'm currently snacking in front of the TV watching college football. LOVE ME SOME FOOTBALL!!! WAR EAGLE :)

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