Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Casey Anthony: Verdict's In: "NOT GUILTY"

Living in Orlando, Florida I have been watching this case from DAY 1. This case has went GLOBAL and has touched the lives of so many. We all want to know what happened to Little Caylee Anthony? We still don't know and sadly probably never will. We are all going to have our different views about what actually happened or if she did in fact murder her daughter Caylee. The prosecution had nothing but "CIRCUMSTANTIAL" evidence from the get go. Although, Casey's actions such as going 31 days without reporting your child is missing, Out partying and having a good time and telling one lie after another doesn't look good. However with that said that is not a reason to convict someone for murder. The jury made their decision (NOT GUILTY) because of the lack of evidence. Putting our differences aside Casey Marie Anthony is about to be a FREE woman. If she is in fact guilty she will be the one answering to GOD the day she arrives at his gates. The question I have now is where will Casey Anthony go now? Back home to her parents with her father George who she claimed molested her? Living in Orlando you hear rumors.. I heard that she will be going to stay with one of her lawyers while she figures out what to do from here.

She doesn't have the biggest fans around here in Orlando, Florida, and since this case has gone global I don't think she has many fans anywhere. Everyone knows her face. The verdict was just announced five hours ago.. And driving down the road an hour ago I saw about 15 Billboards in Orlando on I4 saying CASEY ANTHONY: NOT GUILTY already! That's crazy in that short amount of time. I know that Caylee is in heaven, and although she died to soon she is in a much better place. R.I.P. Caylee and Have a happy life Casey. I hope you have the time of your life if your truly innocent. We the people will never know the complete truth. Unless, Casey sells her story which would anyone even believe a word of it?

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  1. This whole story just breaks my heart. How can a mother wait 31 days to report that their child has gone missing? It just doesn't make any sense.

    R.I.P. Caylee <3