Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Favorite Brushes For Applying Cream Bronzers & Cream Blushes

Hey pretty girls! These past few months I have converted myself from powder blushes & powder bronzers to cream blushes & cream bronzers. I never thought I would like cream products, but boy was I wrong. They are so easy to apply and look incredible. You end up with a much more flawless finish using cream products. I have a ton of makeup brushes, but my favorite ones for applying cream products is the Sigma Angles Top Kabuki. It's the F84 and it's from the Sigmax Collection. As you can see it has the perfect angle, which is ideal for creating those high cheekbones that most girls love. I use the brush to apply my cream blushes. It's very easy to clean and I have had 0 problems with fallout. It's been the best purchase I have ever made. You can get this little guy at Sigma HERE.

Now I have been obsessed with these two BH Cosmetics brushes. They are a powder & blush brush. BH Cosmetics was so generous & sent me the 10 piece deluxe set. These two brushes are simply amazing. They are so dense, light and airy. I use these brushes when applying my cream bronzers like my Soleil tan de Chanel. Out of all my brushes these two BH Cosmetics ones are my ultimate favorite. Again, I had no problems with fallout and they are super easy to clean. Unfortunately, these two brushes aren't available for individual purchase. But you can get the whole set HERE. They are having a special right now too. Instead of $39.95.. It's $29.96. If you want me to do a tutorial on how I apply cream blushes & bronzers using these brushes let me know. They honestly make doing your makeup more fun. Having great brushes really can change the whole look of your makeup, and it just makes you feel great!

Hope your enjoying your Tuesday! Whose Excited for Pretty Little Liars tonight? I am :)



  1. Great post sweetie!! I've been looking for a new bronzer brush!!

    Hope you're doing good gorgeous!!

    XOXO, CC



  2. yaa, i want the tutorial!
    great review dear, thanks ;)