Saturday, July 30, 2011


Hey girls. I'm sorry I've been MIA from the Blogging & YouTube world. I just finished summer school & now have been shopping like a mad woman trying to get ready to move to my new city in August. I have been buying things for my new apartment. Everything from Bedding, Bedroom Decor, Shower curtain, bath accessories, living room wall decor.. And of coarse makeup,clothes, shoes & accessories.. It's been crazy. I will have to do like a bunch of separate hauls when I get some time to sit down & film. I seriously can't believe summer is almost over. It seems like it just flew by. But any-who :) I ran out of my current foundation last week. I loved it, but I wanted to try another brand. That was my New Years resolution to myself.

"To Not Get Stuck In A Rut & Try Other Brands" Basically branch out..I never stick to my New Years resolutions but I am this year! I recently purchased the Soleil Tan De Chanel bronzer & it's in my HOLY GRAIL products now! I thought why not try one of their foundations.. I purchased the Pro Lumiere foundation. I can't even begin to tell you how

disappointed I was with this product. First off it was not cheap, and as soon as I walked outside it was seriously melting off my face.. EWWW!!! It also looked splotchy & the formulation was just weird. I have oily skin, and I felt like this didn't do anything for my combination skin type at all. The only good thing about this foundation is the cute packaging, which i'm a sucker for by the way.. And the scent of this foundation. It smells glamourous haha. It really does. I know many rave & rave about this foundation but for my oily skin it was awful. But Needless to say It's going back and i'm on the search once again for a new foundation. But if any of you have a recommendations please send them my way. In the picture i'm wearing Lancome Tint Idole foundation which I LOVE. It's light, airy, & perfect for summer time. It's in my top 10 Fav's for sure. Hope everyones having a great Saturday!



  1. i've heard that pro lumiere doesn't have a great staying power. i kind of want to try the aqua one, because i've heard more positive reviews on that foundation. i love makeup forever hd. it has amazing coverage with a natural finish. i also use revlon photoready, which is more of a dewy finish and a lot cheaper. they're both great though. i REALLY want to try soleil tan de chanel. i'm fair, so i never have luck with bronzing products, but the chanel seems promising!

  2. Oh. Lord thats the worst! I know if a foundation totally blows i get mad, im combination/oily everything gets oily on me but i am currently using MAC's studio fix powder foundation because it is the only one to fit my skintone. How exciting! I wanted to move but i cant afford it so i convinced my parents to move house. Idk, i get tired of being in the same place, no one seems to understand me what i mean by that.