Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mani & Pedis @ The Nicest Nail Salon I've Ever Been To.

Since Finals are approaching and all my final project deadlines for all my classes will soon be due.. I have been so stressed. Once again, my mother suggested I needed to relieve some stress. It was a pretty cold rainy day, so we really didn't want to go out shopping. Mom thought we should go to this new Nail Spa that just opened up. I took some pictures of inside the nail spa. It was so luxurious and such a relaxing environment.

Typically when your being pampared you want to feel like your getting special treatment and you also want the atmosphere to feel resort like. It's like a mini vacation for an hour in a half.

That is exactly how I felt here. They even offer free soft drinks and FREE champaign for those (21 and up)

I just felt like doing a post of this AMAZING Nail Spa because it really was such a treat.

Oh and another great feature of this nail spa was the cute little Hello Kitty kiddie chairs in Hot pink. You can bring your child and they can get a Pedicure at the same time as you. How cute is that!

I took a picture of this adorable little girl who was about four years old, and she was getting a pedicure. She just sat there the whole time and acted just like a woman in her 40's. So well behaved. I was truly speechless. I can't wait to have a little girl of my own one day. Haha way in the future of coarse!! Gotta finish college 1st!

Have a great day!


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  1. i so love the pink sparkles girl i love pink too , like alot..