Friday, April 6, 2012

WIsh List:Rims & Exterior Lighting For My New Car

I'm doing a little bit of a different post today. A few weeks ago I bought a brand new car and I LOVE it. I probably test drove 100 cars. I wanted something that you didn't see everywhere like Mustangs & Camaro's. I wanted something unique and a car that stands out and that SCREAMS CANDACE!! AND I FOUND IT! I get 36 GPM, so it's great on gas which is another plus. It's fully loaded. I got the SL which is the nicest model. It has Leather seats, Navigation, XM Radio, DVD player, CD player, USB, BlueTooth, Heated Seats, Sun Roof, Rear spoiler, interior illumination, step lighting & MORE.

However, I feel like such a guy because I want these AWESOME rims that you see on my exact car in the first picture. I LOVE them. I have cool rims now, but these are just a fun accessory that I would love to add to my car. It's Kinda like i'm buying my car a new fashion outfit. Haha! But it's on my wish list. I also love the exterior lighting on the front of the car in the 2nd picture. I would want pink lights & that would really scream CANDACE!

Just a random post. I always love hearing about what others are lusting over and I think it's funny that I'm typically lusting over clothes & shoes.. And now the tables have turned. I'm lusting over Rims and Exterior lighting for my new car! haha! O boy! What are you currently lusting over?

Have a great Weekend and A safe Easter!



  1. Oh, don't think of it as a guy thing. People should be free to customize their cars the way they want it (as long as it's safe, of course). It's a great way to "bond" with the vehicle, or get familiar with an aspect of the car. Of course, it can also be fun when you try out a few customizations.

    -Leisa Dreps

  2. I totally agree with Leisa: customizing your own car shows that truly care for it. It seems we have something in common! I also love checking out rims since I got my new car two weeks ago! I’m looking for chrome rims right now, but I might change my mind if I find anything else that would look just as well.

    Angelica Emmanuel