Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pretty Little Liars Premier Tonight!! Who's Excited?

I'm so excited for the premier of Pretty Little Liars. This show has had me hooked since day one! I LOVE everything about this show. I just wish I could figure out who A is! It's driving me crazy. I personally think A needs a slap in the face lol. One thing I love about ABC Family VS: the CW is that they have my favorite shows offered during the summer time. I just wonder what is going to happen this season? I also love the fashion in this show. All the girls are dressed so adorable and maybe it will give us a sneak peak of trends that are coming for the fall. I just think their stylist for the show do a great job at dressing and accessorizing them.

But i'm so excited for tonights premier. Are any of you Pretty Little Liars addicts like me? Don't lie? :)


  1. Me!! I can't wait! =) I didn't plan on watching it when it started but decided too watch one episode and it sucked me in! haha

  2. @ Miranda me too. I didn't' think I would like it, but I decided to watch it once and from then on I was hooked too.