Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Summer Essentials!

I know it's not technically officially SUMMER yet till June 21st. But it's in the high 90's where I live and i'm on Summer vacation! It's officially SUMMERTIME in my mind. I decided to do a post on my Summer Essentials! If your reading you will have to tell me yours! I like to show pictures of my essentials. I'm a visual person, and I love actually seeing the idea brought to life! I hope you guys enjoy!

1. Cute Pink Pool float! I love this one especially because when you lay on it half of your body will be in the water. Which helps gives you more sun if that's what you want. Plus it keeps you cool. Laying out on a chair can get boring and make you so dang HOT! This is great for laying out and cooling off on those hot summer days!

2. My new kicks! Perfect for going out at night with your love or even with the girls! Love my polish too! Zoya Zoya Zoya! I HEART you! :)

3. I LOVE smoothies! Especially when your at the beach.

4. Flip Mino HD: I LOVE my on the go camera. It's great for capturing those moments you want to hold on to forever! For me.. that would be my Granny!

5. Sookie Stackhouse Books! I know it's summer, but a good book will help keep your brain in top shape! Plus these books are amazing!

6. Cute heels and Wedges! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

7. Sun In! YES it works and it's fantastic! If you want free highlights & don't want to pay $100 to your stylist then get this! It's affordable and works wonders! Saves you time too from chopping up lemons!

8. Hawaiian tropic sunscreen and tanning formula in one! It's fabulous and protects your skin from harmful rays but still helps you get color at the same time!

9. Nivea body moisturizers! I have been using them for years. Makes your skin feel wonderful and they are a must have after you have been in the sun all day! I love the Beautiful legs one. It's a self tanner too. It gives you that Jennifer anniston GLOW that we all LOVE!

10. Faux Tan: My HOLY GRAIL sunless tanner. It smells AMAZING and the results are fantastic. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product! If you don't tan easy or like the sun.. This will give you that tan without the long term wrinkles!

11. Vera Bradley Travel duffle in "Call me Coral" My favorite color too! I love this travel bag. It's big and the pattern is gorgeous! I travel a lot and this bag would come in so handy. It's on sale too! I'm planning on purchasing one ASAP!

11. Zoya nails! I love having bright colorful nails during the summer time. This is my Zoya collection. I LOVE Zoya's line. It last and the colors are beautiful! I believe each bottle is $8.00, but they have promotions all the time, so watch for those!

12. Blender! Must have for making those yummy smoothies for you and your friends while at the beach or pool! My mouth's watering just thinking about it. Or if your at a resort just have a yummy cabana worker bring you one pool side! :) That works too!

13. NorthFace Rain jacket. You never know when rain will strike. This is the one I have and love it! It fits perfectly in all my bags!

14. Insulated tumbler and Coozies! Keeps your drinks cold and I love these designs. They really brighten my mood!

15. Hair ties! Every girls needs these! Enough said! I like the Goody ones, because they don't break your hair or leave those gross marks at the top of your hair! Yuck!

16. Pink & green beach tote! Every girl needs a beach bag. I love the colors of this one. My two favorite colors!

17. Adorable beach towel! I love accessorizing with different beach towels! They just put a big smile on my face!

18. Pink lip glass or glosses! I love the ones by Mac. They feel great and the color selection is fantastic. They are small and don't take up too much room. But pink lips are gorgeous and a summer must have!!

That's my little blog post on that! What are your summer essentials? I hope you all are having a great day!


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  1. Great list, thanks for sharing!!