Monday, April 25, 2011

UPDATE* Vacation, Exciting Changes & New Beginnings!

Hey Lovies!

I'm sorry I haven't had time to make any videos lately, so I thought I would sit down and do a BLOG post. I thought this lil cartoon looked just like me.. Just take out those brown eyes and replace them with big BLUE ones! :) This is the last week of school, and then I have finals. Then it's officially Summer time. Although I'm taking two summer classes, but they will only last a month. I so need a break. I'm going on vacation in two weeks as soon as finals are over. I'm going to Texas for a mother daughter trip. Mom and I always go on mother daughter trips together. I'm so excited, because I love traveling, and I honestly just need a breather from school. I plan on filming a HONEY POT every day i'm on vacation. Whats a HONEY POT? It's "A Day In The Life Of Candace!" I love watching these types of videos. I need to do a haul soon. I have purchased quite a few new things, but just have no time to sit down and film. I have some exciting news though! I'm transferring to another University in the fall. I just got my apartment and it's gorgeous. I will have three other suite-mates. I call them suites-mates, because I think it sounds so much cuter than roommate. I just watched the roommate the other day.. OMG! It will make you never want one lol! But anyway as soon as I move and get settled in I will do an apartment tour video. I'm planning on getting all new decor and bed furnishings for my space. I really want to do the pink and green theme. I have been loving pink & green this year! I'm currently searching for new bedding and accessories for my room. If you guys see anything please let me know. The university i'm transferring to is far away from Florida. I'm sad to leave all my friends and family. It will be hard to leave when the time comes, but I'm excited for a new adventure! It's like i'm starting a new chapter in my life. I have a new major and i'll be in a new city. I'm upset because my apartment wont allow pets, which means Kroll my lil birdy can't come! :( But I know he'll be well taken care of by my mom! When I move to my new city, I will have to see if anyone in the area wants to do a meet up? That would be so much fun! I can already tell you guys that my April Favorites is going to be late!!! But I will get it up sometime! :) Hope everyone is having a great day despite the fact that's it Monday.. I only like Mondays for one reason! My shows 90210, Gossip Girl, and Secret Life!! Yay! They are my guilty pleasures!!!

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