Sunday, April 10, 2011

My College Apartment Tour

After living in the dorms for a semester I had enough! Dorm life was awful! I begged my parents to get me my own college apartment! Us girls can be very persuasive! I took these pictures over Christmas & decided to do a Blog post showing you guys how I decorated. I am really into the whole wine theme, so I tried to tie that into my decor. Decorating your own place is so much fun. It gave me a chance to make the place my own. I found that the best places to find adorable and affordable home decor is TJ Max, Target, Ross, Marshalls, Kirklands, Linens & Things, & Michaels. Those places are great for girls who want to express themselves on a budget, but still have it look adorable. I personally love seeing how other girls decorate their college apartments. I'm thinking of starting a website where girls can go and post their pictures of their rooms or whole apartments. I think it would give so many girls decorating ideas. I know when I was looking for ideas I couldn't hardly find any on the internet. I also am thinking about staring to take pictures of my friends rooms & posting them too. That way you can see how other college girls decorate their rooms too. We all have different styles & that's what makes it so much fun.

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