Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Current Loves*New Foundation, Nails, and Room Decor!

This month I have been obsessed with my new foundation. It's by Lancome and it's called Teint Idole Fresh Wear. I got it in shade "Bisque 0W" It goes on so smoothly and a little bit goes a long way. It is a full coverage foundation, and it's great for ladies with super oily skin like me! Estee Lauder double wear is my HOLY GRAIL foundation, but it saddens me to say that it's been breaking me out like a mad woman! I thought it was time for a change, so we broke up! It's really hard because we have been together for years and years! I honestly don't know what went wrong! Haha. But after using the Teint Idole by Lancome I have noticed a HUGE difference in my skin. It's back to it's clear self, and thats how I like it. I also have to give credit to my Clarisonic. That little guy is my night and shining armor! With that being said I would definitely recommend going into a department store and trying a sample of this foundation! I'm so picky about my foundations, and if I'm saying I like it then you know it's good.

I have always loved Zoya nail polish period! They are seriously the best out there. My Zoya collections is quite large! I change my nail color quite often! I recently uploaded a Zoya video introducing Zoya's Summertime. I didn't have time to do individual swatches all in that video. So as promised I will do swatches gradually as I get time. I have been OBSESSED with the color "Mira" It's a rich purple with no shimmer. It's Matte, and has definitely caught the eye of many of my classmates! It's a must have for 2011! Even though it says it's a summer color I will definitely be wearing this lil guy in the Fall as well. I took a lil snap shot of what it looks like on my nails! I LOVE it!

I LOVE my Coach New Poppy Graffiti Appliqué Glam Tote. It's seriously the best purchase I EVER made. It cheers me up every time I carry it. I love all the gorgeous details and it just screams Candace! I have never had more compliments on a handbag than this one. Another plus is this bag was limited edition. They only made about 1,0000 of these babies. You can't get this bag anywhere which I kinda like. I honestly hate seeing 500 other girls carrying the same bag I have. I wish all handbag companies did this. True Story. My BFF was in a bidding wore on ebay for this bag a couple of weeks ago. It was used and slightly dirty. She ended up loosing the bag to another bidder. The bid went for $390 for a used purse. She was disappointed, but I told her she could carry it anytime she wanted too. Haha! I'm such a good friend. As long as I can raid her closet it's all good! That's true friendship right there!

I've also been LOVING my hair curled. It's so fun and really creates a glamourous look. I need to do a tutorial on how I do mine. I took a picture with my IPHONE.. Hints the quality, but you get the point. Big Hair is definitely SEXY!

Last But not least! I am so excited!!

I was sent this beautiful customized letter. It's obviously a C for Candace! It was painted pink and green, because that is going to be my new room theme when I move away in the fall. It was made for by Lindsey. She has her own little shop on etsy.com

It's so adorable and affordable. I think these letters would be so cute on your Wall, Bathroom, or dorm. She can customize them for you. Also for all my Subscribers on YouTube and followers on my BLOG she is offering 5% OFF your entire order is you use code "YOUTUBE" My letter cost $14.00 and guess what??? She ships to INTERNATIONAL TOO! So no one gets left out! I hung my letter in my bathroom, and It cheers me up every morning when i'm getting ready for class. You should check out all her other designs! She is so talented and honestly such a sweet girl!

That's my little Blog Post for Today! I hope you all are having a great day!


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