Sunday, February 22, 2015

Pampered Weekend: Hair, Shellac & Facials

Have you ever had a week where it felt like it lasted for an eternity? Well that pretty much sums up mine. I was hoping the weekend weather would also be nice.  Well that also didn't work in my favor. It was snowing & bitterly cold. I decided I needed a relaxing weekend to just focus on myself, & I wasn't going to let the weather, or anything else get in my way. I made an appointment to get my hair done with my stylist at Ulta.
Have any of had any services there before? My stylist does amazing & she is so good with color & really listens to what I want. I always appreciate that. I typically see her every five weeks. Great thing about Ulta versus other salons is they send out great coupons that I can use on my services & it saves me money. That always makes me happy. I also rack up on my points. I was thrilled when I checked out & I ended up getting my holly grail eye liner by Mally for free. A 26$ value free!! It's just what I needed to make this weekend even better. All those points I earned paid off. After that I went & got my nails done. I did shellac & they turned out beautiful.
After that I headed over to the spa. I got a facial & it was just so relaxing. I'm a medical esthetician & I'm constantly working on my patients & sometimes you forget how great it feels on yourself.
How often do you get facials? I have a lot of skin care post that I'm going to be posting & I'm very excited. Hope everyone had a great weekend. As most people will be watching the Oscars tonight.. I honestly could care less. I'll be watching the Walking Dead! :)

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