Monday, February 23, 2015

Dreaming of Spring

I was recently cleaning out my macbook pro and came across this picture that I took last summer.
I immediately got excited. I'm a born and raised Florida girl and now i'm living in North Carolina. It's been miserably cold here too. I enjoy the winter and fall weather to an extent. However, my heart truly loves Spring and Summer. I always gravitate towards clothes that are bright and vibrant. It matches my personality and I love accessorizing with color. Although I know most girls in the winter time have all these rules about wearing bright colored clothes in the winter. I find that repulsive! I don't live my life trying to please society. I wear what makes me happy and i'm all about wearing a bright neon sweater in the middle of January. I went and peeked into my Spring and Summer closet and just got so happy inside. I can't wait to wear cute little skirts and dresses with adorable sandals and wedges. Does that get you excited too? I'm just tired of having to dress in layers and layers of bulky clothing to stay warm. I'm only in North Carolina. I can't even begin to imagine what you ladies are going through who live even further north. Stay warm girls and Spring is slowly and surely on it's way :)

Outfit Details:

*Skirt (Express)
*Tank (Dillards)
*Necklace (Francesca's Collection)
*Watch (Micheal Kors)
*Bracelet (JCREW)
*Bracelet (Return To Tiffany "Tiffany and Co)
*Bag (Kate Spade)

Have a Great Monday

XoXo Candace

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