Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hawaiian Winter Hair

I have been missing summer like crazy. I'm so tired of wearing sweaters & boots! I literally can't wait for warmer weather. I started looking back at pictures I took last summer & remembered how much I wore one of my favorite hair clips. It was a gift from my best friend Cristina. It was a yellow Hawaiian Plumeria flower hair clip. I thought.. why can't I wear these in winter? I'm craving for warmer weather & I think they are the most adorable hair accessories. What I love even more is that they don't pinch your hair or fall out easily. I decided to get them in every single color. They usually cost 20$ at a boutique near me. I was so happy when a girl had the whole collection brand new for 16$ on Poshmark! What a steal!! I immediately bought them. I'm so happy I did! I've been rocking them this past week even in the snowy cold conditions! Are there any hair accessories your currently obsessed with?


1 comment:

  1. You hair looks so pretty ! Glad you went back to the blonde. I loved your dark hair as well, but your personality is classic, bubbly blonde (although, you know what ? You'd look great as a redhead too) Anyway, love the plumeria clips. My oldest (age 9) has the pink one, but she doesn't have very thick hair, so we put it up in a loose bun, and then put the clip at the top of the bun, which looks cute also. So glad you're back on YouTube--