Monday, February 6, 2012

Why i'm so HAPPY? Because of this Bracelet. Get yours HERE

Every time I look down at my arm I get SOOOO HAPPY!! I mean seriously how gorgeous is this bracelet? As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it in my life. I posted this picture on Instagram (Smart phone App) & Twitter a few days ago and decided to do a blog post since I had a lot of questions about it.



It's only $10.50

What a steal! It looks so much more expensive that it really is.

You can get it at in the crew cuts (Kids) section HERE. I have tiny arms & wrist so if your like me in that aspect this beautiful bracelet will work great for you too. It comes in several colors but i've been obsessed with metallics and this one is PERFECT. However, I may order all the colors since they are so affordable & adorable.

Mini Review on this bracelet!!!
If you have tiny wrist it will work great for you. It's stays on my arm and doesn't move at all. The glitter does not come off at all. I was worried it would, but I have had 0 problems with that. The bracelet is even more beautiful in real life. HIGHLY RECOMMEND for yourself or as a gift to some one special :)

It was worth every bit of $10.50. It's my new obsession.

Hope your all having a special day

smile you never know whose watching



  1. Awww it looks really great! I want to have this!! I have to check if they ship to germany *crossed fingers*

  2. Hey Candace :)
    I ended up getting a MK rose gold watch for my birthday (picked it out) and it looks like it might be the same as yours.

    What is the MK code for yours?