Friday, February 24, 2012

New Addition to the family

I seriously have a shoe addiction haha. These are my two most recent purchases. I LOVE Sam Edelman! These heels just stood out to me. They both are really head turners thats for sure. Every time I have worn these I always get compliments. Pretty heels make me happy. That's probably why i'm so dang happy all the time.

Have any of you purchased some new kicks lately that your loving?

Hope your having a great day!



  1. Yeowch! Those shoes look really fierce... but painful! How do you walk in these lol?

  2. Actually they really aren't that uncomfortable compared to some pairs I have. I'm used to wearing heels. I guess practice makes perfect :)

  3. arent these christian loubs? or did i miss something?:D either way they're beautiful!

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