Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lusting over the "Vera Wang "Farrah Dress"

I am addicted to the show Gossip Girl. Blake Lively who plays character Serena Van Der Woodsen, wore this dress designed by Vera Wang herself and it's called the Farrah dress. I am in love with every aspect of this dress. I love it even more than Blair's wedding dress (Character on Gossip Girl). I honestly didn't care for Blair's dress at all. However, Serena's dress was just breathtaking. I've been lusting over it since I laid my eyes on it. I just had to do a quick post on this dress. What are you lusting over?

Hope your having a great day!



  1. Hey I declared you a winner of my Kreativ blogger award ! Check it out love ur blog and you have some great posts!

  2. Yes! Totally agree! Serena unlike Blair looked breathtaking, argh if she could find herself a perfect boyfriend (Nate or Carter would do) at last. Im so sick of Blair and her continuous flow of love affairs