Monday, January 30, 2012


I don't know about you girls, but I have seriously been neglecting my feet lately. As much as they do for us!!!! We use them all time time. Sometime mine ever get any sleep. SO I decided to treat my feet to well A TREAT :) haha

Okay okay... Maybe it wasn't completely selfless. I just love getting pedicures. I especially love how pretty my feet look and feel afterwards.

I laugh and giggle soooo hard when they scrub the bottom of my foot. I mean it's awful how bad I laugh. I try to control myself, but it's just impossible. I should film a quick video next time of it. All my friends tell me it's very entertaining.

Do any of you have an extremely ticklish feet like me? haha. If so how do you control it when getting pedicures? I'd love to know your secrets.

Have a great Day!


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  1. Hehe I am the exact same. When they scrub underneath my feet I squirm and always start laughing!