Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Room Inspiration: Decor & More

Hey girls. I've been buying decor and furnishings for the past five months. I'm moving away for college into an apartment in three weeks. I can't believe how fast summer flew by. These are some pictures that I have been using to get my inspiration from. I know most of them include a lot of pink.. But I can't seem to get away from pink. I just adore pink. Even if you don't want to do your entire room in pink, you can still have some pink accessories to give yourself that pop of color. These are great pictures to look at to get inspired, and it kinda gives you an idea of how other girls decorate their spaces. I love watching room tours on YouTube for that reason. When I move and get all settled in my apartment I will do a room tour of my new college pad. Another reason I really love these pictures is that even though these rooms are girly..they are still sophisticated and grown up at the same time. I just think decorating your personal space is so much fun. Pictures really help me get ideas and inspiration. If your thinking about redoing and redecorating your space or if your moving into a new place like me.. I hope this post gives you a little inspiration or some ideas on how you can achieve your look. A few great places to look for decor and furnishings that aren't super expensive are Michaels, thrift stores, garage sales ( YES seriously) home goods, TJ MAX, Target, Marshalls, Ross, Flea Markets, Kirklands and Burlington Coat Factory.

Hope your having a great day!



  1. Love all your choices the top one and the one with lots of lilac are my faves :-)

  2. Have you considered getting Disqus for the comments on your blog? I havent been able to comment with my google account so i ended up getting one myself.
    All those pictures are great inspiration! I been lured to pink for some reason, idk if it is nicki minaj or barbie... i just really think it is pretty! However, i wont decorate my room with the color because i know it is just a phase. I used to hate the site of pink, also pink doesnt look good in my skin tone but i wish it did!

  3. @ Alma See i disagree. I don't think pink will ever go out of style. I do think you can go overboard with pink though. It's all about using it in moderation. :) Pink just makes me happy

  4. i love the one with the pink chair and the bed in the corner and the big long mirror

  5. love the pictures!! my room is all pink lol:)
    really like your blog & your youtubevids!


  6. I really like all of those rooms! Pink is my favorite color so of course these are really pretty to me. :)

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥