Sunday, August 14, 2011

Jessica Simpson: My Celebrity Beauty Style Icon

I have always admired Jessica Simpson. She has been called every name in the book from Ditz, Dumb, boring, Fame whore, stuck up, self absorb, and fat. Well we know she isn't dumb. She is smart and extremely talented. Her clothing line is fabulous. I don't know one woman who doesn't own at least one pair of her shoes. I love her line from Jewelry, handbags, shoes, jeans, dresses, swim suites, perfume and hair extensions.. I would say she's the only one laughing.. ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK! After all the magazines and gossip blogs calling her fat and pretty much just degrading her, she still keeps a positive attitude and a smile on her face. So she has gained a bit of weight people!!!! She's happy and got comfortable. I don't understand why everyone made it such a big deal. She is still the same fabulous person she was before. The thing people don't understand is that weight can be lost. It's pretty easy if your determined. Jessica is a very determined woman and has been hitting the gym hard lately. When I see blogs about her that are all negative and just flat out mean... All it comes down to is ladies who are insecure and unhappy writing hateful things to make themselves feel better. In other words jealously. It's sad that people have to be so cruel because she gained a bit of weight. No ones perfect.. Not Meagan Fox, Opera, me or you. All we can do is be happy with what we have and who we are.

My celebrity beauty style icon is Jessica Simpson. I don't only think she's a great role model, but I love her sense of fashion. She's very girly like me, and not afraid to take risk. She has amazing hair and skin. Her makeup always looks fresh and clean. i'm always recreating looks from her on myself. I posted some pictures of her that I love. She's fabulous and will continue to inspire others for generations to come. Whose your celebrity beauty style icon?


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  1. Woah! You uploaded a buttload of pictures xD
    You’re right! My mother loves her jeans and I believe the woman is a shoe god! I can literally become friends with a total stranger just because she owns Jessica Simpson shoes…LOL kind of silly huh? :3 I honestly haven’t seen her in the lime light lately but I did see her once in TMZ and they were saying something that she got lazy? I understand if she gained a little weight, she has an hourglass body which is very hard to maintain. My older sis has that kind of body and if she eats badly just wee bit she sees the consequences. It could be hate about Jessica Simpson or anyone else, I am just tired of all this hatred and people being mean! I know their momma didn’t race them that way! >:O
    Great post!