Monday, August 22, 2011

Checklist: Moving into College Apartment or Dorm?

I'm almost completely packed for college. I move in this Saturday and classes start on Monday. Talk about hectic! Moving can be stressful and exciting at the same time. I lived in a dorm freshman year. I had my own private room and bathroom. I was very fortunate considering most freshman have a roommate and share a tiny space. My space was still tiny, but I added cute wall decor and had great storage bins. This year i'm actually transfering to another University about 11 hours from my home in Florida. It's going to be culture shock thats for sure. Although I'm so excited to have a Fall and Winter. Florida doesn't get to experience that at all. I'm moving into an amazing apartment off campus. It's a four bedroom and we each have our own private bathrooms. I have not met my sweet-mates yet. But we all met on Facebook. The apartment complex has a roommate matching site where you can talk with other people who are moving in there too. We all chose to live together, and i'm so excited to meet them. But to make sure I pack everything I made a checklist on items I needed to bring with me. I thought I would share what's on my list. It may help you when your starting college or moving in the future. I tried to think of everything!

□ Hammer
□ Screwdriver
□ Surge protectors
□ Extension cords
□ Duct tape
□ Batteries (rechargeable is best)
□ Flashlight
□ Pliers
Medicine Kit:
□ Band aids
□ Cold medicine
□ Allergy medicine
□ Antibiotic cream
□ Mini first-aid kit
□ Advil
□ Aloe, Sunscreen
□ Vitamins
□ Eye drops
□ Contact solution
□ Contact containers
□ Q-tips
□ Hand sanitizer
□ Medical info (doctor, phone number, local hospital)
*Cotton Balls
Pedicure Kit:
□ Nail clipper
□ Nail file
□ 5-40 favorite nail polishes (ZOYA)
□ Cotton balls
□ Polish remover
Sewing Kit:
□ Safety pins
□ Needles
□ Thread
Laundry Kit:
□ Quarters (If you don't have one)
□ Detergent
□ Dryer Sheets
□ Laundry Bag
□ Space Clothes hangers (a ton) (JOY MANGANO)
*Fabric softener
□ Printer paper
□ Ink cartridge
□ Scissors
□ Desk Lamp
□ Rubber bands
□ Stapler and staples
□ Tape
□ Planner
□ Backpack (or any bag to carry books in)
□ Calculator
□ Erasers
□ Glue
□ Highlighters
□ Index cards
□ Markers
□ Notebooks/Lined paper
□ Paper clips
□ Pens/Pencils
□ Ruler
□ Three-hole punch
□ Push pins
□ Post it notes
□ Flash drive
□ Desk organizers
□ Blank CDs
*Laptop (Apple I'm a Mac girl)
*Laptop bag
Kitchen Kit:
□ Filtered water pitcher
□ Can opener
□ Plastic utensils, plates, bowls (If dorm) Apartment Regular silverware
□ Tupperware
□ Sharp knife
□ Mac n cheese (you can make box mac n’ cheese in the microwave)
□ Dish soap
□ Sponge
□ Water bottle
□ Travel coffee mug
□ Bag clips
*Fruits & Veggies
*Plastic Baggies
*Cutting Board
*Coffee Maker
Dorm Décor Ideas:
□ Trash can or paper trash bags (only 1 trash can was provided in my dorm room. It’s nice to have a personal trashcan that you don’t need to share with a roommate, so next time you go to the grocery store, ask for paper bags. These hold their shape and are perfect to use as trash bags because they can just be thrown away when you’re done using them.)
□ Bulletin Board or dry erase marker board
□ Small lockbox for passport, jewelry, etc.
□ Wall decals that function like stickers and add color to plain white dorm walls
□ Desk fan
□ Posters
□ Command hooks (lots)
□ Full length mirror
Cleaning Kit:
□ Air freshener
□ Cleaning wipes
□ Mini vacuum (There’s a chance that you’re residence hall won’t have a good vacuum, so it’s a good idea to get your own. Plus, dorm rooms get dirty and really need to be vacuumed regularly.)
Bed Kit:
□ Risers (unless the height of your bed can be adjusted with the bed frame. I ended up not needing bed risers because our beds were already tall and had plenty of storage space. ) (Dorm Living)
□ 2 pairs of twin XL sheets (Most dorm bed sizes)
□ Electric blanket
□ Mattress pad
□ Pillows
□ Extra blanket/quilt
Bathroom & Toiletries Kit:
□ 2 sets of towels
□ 2 hair twist towels
□ Shower shoes ( If shared)
□ Shower caddy (waterproof)
□ Soap
□ Soap case
□ Toothpaste
□ 2 toothbrushes
□ Floss
□ Shampoo
□ Conditioner
□ Q tips, Cotton Balls
□ Shaving cream
□ Razors
□ Deodorant
□ Lotion
□ Moisturizer
□ Hair clips, ties, headbands
□ Brush
□ Make-up
□ Perfume
□ Hairspray
□ Hair dryer
□ Curling iron, Straightener
□ Tweezers
□ Bobby pins
□ Chapstick
*Makeup remover
*Teeth Whitener
*Self tanner

Bathroom Decor:
*Shower Curtain
*Shower Rod
*Floor mat
* Wall decor
*Toothbrush holder
* Shower Caddy (If dorm)
*Shower head massager

□ Don’t pack too much clothing. Only bring items that you wear regularly, like at least once every 3 weeks (unless you need certain clothes for different seasons like me.. Which means I'll be packing a lot :)
□ Bathing suit
□ Workout clothes
□ Dressy outfits
□ Sneakers
□ Underwear
□ Waterproof Rain jacket
*Shoes (Flats, boots, flip flops, & heels)( I am packing a lot) I'm a girl!!!
* Coats & Hoodies
*Game-day dresses (If FOOTBALL School)

□ Glasses with case
□ Passport (If study abroad)
□ Camera and cord
□ Favorite board games (Apples to Apples, Scattegories, a deck of cards)
□ Favorite DVDs
□ Umbrella
□ Ipod
□ Radio and CD player, iPod player
□ Cell phone charger
□ Address/Telephone book
□ Calendar (filled in with special dates like birthdays)
*Alarm clock
*storage bins (You can never have enough storage)
*Tailgating chair
Candles (If living in apartment)
Big Items:
Try to compromise with your roommate about who will bring these. If living in dorm: You don’t want to get to college and have 2 printers, 2 fridges, and 2 microwaves. There’s just not enough room for all that extra stuff…
□ Printer
□ Mini Fridge
□ Microwave

I'm sure I forgot something but these are just the things I can think of on the top of my head! Hope this helps someone :)

I will do a tour of my new pad as soon as I get settled in!


  1. Great packing list! :)

    Heel in Mint

  2. You're so organized!! Great list :)


  3. Great list!

    Follow back please! :)

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