Sunday, July 1, 2012

Girly:Pink Patio Furniture

Summer time is officially HERE and let me tell you... It's HOT! Today it was 110 degrees. I have been going without makeup and honestly just keeping cool by floating in the pool. My summer classes are over! YAY! So i'm officially enjoying my summer till August 28th when the fall semester starts. 

I wanted to do a quick post about my new patio furniture that I am just in LOVE with. After a long day sometimes I just want to relax on my balcony with a glass of my favorite wine. Having such cute patio furniture makes it that more enjoyable. I thought I would snap a few shots of my college balcony. Pink just makes everything better in my opinion. It's a fun girly space that I have been enjoying every night. Notice the matching pink lights? Love them so much! 

Well now that it's summer and I have more free time.. I'm planning on posting everyday! So get ready :)

Hope everyone is staying cool where ever you are. 


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