Monday, July 2, 2012

Perfect: Rainy Day Attire for College Girls

Now I know it's not Fall ladies.. But I begin my fall shopping in the summer. I have vacations and many other events planned, and don't like to feel rushed before August doing my back to school shopping. Where I go to college (Keeping private due to privacy) it rains a lot during the winter and it can be extremely cold. I thought I would do a quick post of what I would wear on a typical rainy day to classes.

1. Pearls- Always rocking my pearls. They are a classic and will never go out of style.

2. Warm Fleece- A must in my book. I have about 1000 fleeces. They are so easy to just throw on and super comfortable.

3.Black Skinny Jeans. Love skinny jeans because they are so easy to tuck your boots into. I also think they are very flattering too.

4. Bright Bold Scarf- A must have in my book. I love accessorizing with scarves. My collection of them has grown so much in the past few years.

5. Black Handbag- I have so many bags, but sometimes I just want to carry a basic black bag. It just makes your outfit look so much  more put together.

6. Colorful Rain Boots- I have several pairs of rain boots and love them. On most college campuses you will see them everywhere on girls. They come in so many different patterns and designs. A must have for college girls. I have a slight rain boot addiction.

What is your favorite thing to wear on a rainy day? Do any of you own a pair of rain boots? I actually just looked outside and it appears it just may rain today. I may have to go put on some rainy day attire now. Hope you are having a fabulous day.



  1. You've redesigned your blog to match your new agenda!! It looks so cute, i love it!! :-)

    My favourite piece for a rainy day is my north face jacket, makes me feel so protected an cosy! And I love my pearl studs too!

  2. @ Lini Bellini Yes, it was time for a blog change. Thanks for noticing :) I love my North Face Jackets too. So comfortable and adorable.