Friday, June 1, 2012

Hair Debate: Time for a change

I've been debating on changing my hair for quite some time. I've been blonde all my life & am ready to make a change. My best friend used a fun website to try out different hair styles on me to see what I would look like. I've always been curious of what I would look like as a brunette and now I know. Thanks Bestie :) It's definitely a dramatic change, but sometimes a girl needs that in here life. Now I just need to grow the Balls & do it. Have any of you done anything dramatic to your hair lately? 



  1. I think you'd look great in any hair color. (:

    I haven't made any dramatic changes to my hair since I dyed it brunette... I completely love it!


  2. Hi Candace! I went from really long and dark brown hair to short blond hair! (well, not too short! ;-)) I really wanted a change and i got it and stayed blond since then but I wish my hair was long again!

    I think brown would look nice on you but I wouldn't go too dark with it :-)

  3. I love the blonde on you but I think a LIGHT brown would look great on you too, and you're lucky because any hair color looks gorgeous with blue eyes!! ::jealous::

    I change my hair every couple months. Brown, blonde, blonde/brown/red highlights (not at the same time, lol), etc. Recently I went back to blonde after being a brunette for almost a year. I'm still getting used to it but other people seem to really like it. In the end, do what YOU think will look good. Also, it's just hair, if you end up hating it you can always dye it back. ;) xo