Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Shoes Dilemmas? Help Me Please :(

I'm on the hunt for a pair of Athletic shoes.  But am having the hardest time deciding which pairs I like best.  The first three pairs are all the same. They are just different colors. These are called The Nike Free Run +3. Have any of you purchased these? If not what do you think of them in general. I think they are pretty cute myself. I just can't decide which color I like best. I'm leaning towards the Aqua Blue ones. They are so dang beautiful.   The last pair at the bottom are called the Nike Air Pegasus + 28 and they are in this pretty Cotton Candy color. They are actually not making these anymore. But I found them available on two different websites. It just stinks because you can't go to a store and try these on. So I have no idea if they are comfortable or not. Do any of you have these? If so are they comfortable? I love it. but do you think it's too much or really cute? Any help from you ladies would be greatly appreciated. I'm so torn and don't know what to do. The joys of Shoe Dilemmas! 





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