Saturday, August 21, 2010


Hello My Lovies! I just wanted to post an update of everything that has been going on. First off isn't this picture of my granny and I beautiful?

GRANNY UPDATE: She is such an amazing lady. I am so lucky to be her granddaughter. She recelntly fell and broke her hip and had hip replacement surgery. She is recovering well. However, she can't go home. She has to go into a nursing home. She can't take care of herself. It breaks my heart. But i feel much better knowing that she will be in a place where they will watch over her.

CERVICAL CANCER UPDATE! Now my health issues. As most of you know I was diagnosed with Cervical cancer. It is a very scary time but I am staying positive. My surgery is scheduled for Monday August 23rd. I just want to thank everyone who has been so supportive during this process. I know it has just begun, and I still have a long way to go. But knowing that I have all these amazing girls praying for me, is just really touching. It honestly means a lot to me. ALL THE INSPIRATIONAL comments that I have revieved really cheer me up and help me remain positive. Please keep those prayers coming.

FALL SEMESTER @ COLLEGE UPDATE! I just started fall semester. My classes are so hard. I had two papers due the first week of school, which I thought was the most sickening thing ever!!!!!! It seems like school is never ending. But I know how important my education is, and this is my number one priority in my life.

UPCOMING VIDEOS! There are so many videos that I plan on making. However, now that fall semester has started, School comes first. But I will upload @ least one video a week. If it's a good week maybe more. But feel free to leave any video request on my channel, twitter, or even on here.


  1. You're in my prayers sweetie always <3

  2. you are in my prayers and so in your grandma! you are doing great things! you are so positive and beautiful and a really good influence! :)

  3. Hello little girl. Im from Brazil and always look ur videos, but now ur channel is hacked?? What happened?
    Oh i wish a lot of blesses for ur life. God protect u always. And congra for ur happiness.

  4. Hi pretty - what has happend to your youtube and twitter?? Where we can find you now? Take care! <3

  5. Hey girl, IDK if u know but u got hacked. I went to ur twitter page & utube page. I hope ur blog isnt hacked as well. Just thought u would want to know.

  6. I hope you start youtube again girly! I can't find you on twitter now either :( You've got to come back!