Friday, April 19, 2013

Celebrity Inspiration: Dark Hair, Blue Eyes

Every girl needs a change once in awhile. My hair has always been blonde & I have these big blue eyes.. That I get compliments on all the time. I have had so many people tell me I should color my hair dark. I've been told that it will make your blue eyes pop even more. It's really been on my mind lately. My hair hasn't been growing as fast as it should. I think it's because every five weeks i'm going to the salon and having my stylist highlight and full foil it with bleach. However, I've always been blonde. This would be a huge transition for me. I don't even know if it would look good on me. Friends tell me it would.. It's just scary I guess. But life is about changing and not being afraid to take chances right? haha! My appointment is in less than two weeks, so I have some time to decide on what to do. I posted a few pictures of celebrities who have dark hair and blue eyes. I think they all look amazing and it looks their hair looks so healthy. I also think having dark hair would help me get my hair healthier. I wouldn't have to keep putting harsh chemicals on it every so often. Have any of you done something drastic to your hair in the past? Would love to hear your stories or thoughts on what I should do!
Have a great day ladies!

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  1. I think that you look great as a blonde and it looks natural. Well, I know that you color it obviously, but it looks very close to what I imagine your real hair color is, so in that respect it looks "natural". Anyway, if you want to go dark, then go for it. The only thing that I would caution against is going "black" because I dyed my hair black for years and years, and then when my husband decided that he wanted me blonde, it was really, really damaging to my hair to strip out all the dark dye, and then bleach it. So I would advise that you go darker ONLY if you are willing to stick it out with that color for at least a year. You are so pretty that you could carry off any color, so go with whatever color would make you excited to get up every morning and see your reflection in the mirror, otherwise it's not worth it, right ?