Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March Already?

I seriously can't believe it's already March! Where did February go? I have been extremely busy with school this semester. College is like never ending. I'm going so well in all my classes. :)

I have bought so many cosmetics this past week. I am planning on doing a haul video soon. I am waiting on a few more items to come in the mail.

I am so ready for Summer time. I can't wait for the Hot weather. I know i'm strange but I love that Florida heat. It's just another excuse for me to go shopping. Express, JCrew, Nordstroms, and Forever 21 never disappointments me.

I can't wait till all my stuff comes in the mail so I can do my cosmetics haul. WTH is wrong with this picture? Usually all I buy is clothes.. and now it seems all I have been buying is makeup! I blame all my subscribers for recommending products. But I will admit it's a lot of fun experimenting with new products and branching out. That's what this year is all about. Branching out and trying new stuff.

Stay tuned for my new haul coming this month in March!

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